What are SMRs and what exciting possibilities do they offer?

Many new designs of nuclear reactors are smaller than the reactors currently producing electricity on the electrical grid. A single nuclear power plant can have several reactors with the same parts working in parallel, each of these reactors are a module. These new Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) can be scaled so they power a small community or are part of the large electricity grids.

To get an idea of the scale of SMR, they have been used to power many submarines and large ships, for many years. This innovative technology can provide reliable, clean (and CO2-free) electricity for remote installations in Canada’s north or even islands separated from the rest of the world. Instead of running thousands of kilometres of power lines to remote settlements, a self-sufficient, local nuclear power plant could provide electricity and heat.

This increased access to nuclear reactors could make synthetic fuels for transportation, desalinate water for drinking and even heat greenhouses. Innovative technology creates new uses and the Canadian nuclear industry is excited by the possibilities that SMRs provide.

To learn more about SMRs and its growing interest in Canada see: https://smrroadmap.ca/

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