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Part 3 of 5. Computers and robots

Science Fiction explores how technology changes people’s place in community. From Talus in Greek mythology to Rossum’s Universal Robots, from fake chess playing machines to unbeatable computers, human imagination has always included artificial humans and artificial thinking. The world has shifted from a time when ‘calculator’ was a person who calculates, to devices that we have on our phones. This lecture explores some of the most surprising predictions to have come true in all of science fiction!

Part 2 of 5. New Tools Creating a Brave New World

The world’s technology has changed in shocking ways over the past 150 years. Despite how unexpected these developments were, various writers predicted these shocking technologies like Skype, nuclear reactors and atmospheric breaking. Some technologies even get their names and designs from science fiction stories. People need science fiction to process our rapidly changing technological landscape.

Part 1 of 5. The Power of Science Fiction Stories

Human imagination is a powerful tool. On one extreme, this imagination creates stories to help us understand our world and our place in it. Humans share stories to find meaning, connection and purpose. These stories shape our culture and our identities.

On another extreme, imagination explores the universe and apply those discoveries into technology. Science fiction stories synthesize these two extremes of human imagination to help people find their place in a world with rapidly changing technology.